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On Learning New Things

August 30, 2017

I started this website because I wanted to write about Bollywood. I wanted to share my love, annoyance, disappointment, and hopes. Fear held me back from getting my thoughts out there, and it still does. Who am I? If this is such a good idea, why isn’t someone else doing it? But if we have… Read More ›

still from the Just Dance video game

Just dance with SRK

When the movie ends, I want to dance. Bollywood actors and actresses are so talented, they make dancing look so effortless (and the ones who aren’t technically proficient at least look like they are having fun). And with an item song or closing song in my head, I think I can do it, too. I’m… Read More ›

New Ads One Day Maybe Please?

Watch a video from Eros Entertainment on YouTube, and you will first be treated to an ad featuring Salman Khan. You can watch all of his hits on your computer or mobile device! And other hits! Look at all these movies, oh, and look at Khan, too! Pragmatically, I’m tired of hearing the same commercial… Read More ›

Who Do You Think You Are, Dhoom 3?: Bollywood and Cars and Me

After renewing my learner’s permit twice, and totally failing to parallel park during the road test, I finally got my driver’s license when I was 18. A few days later, I was in my first (and only) accident: driving home from a party in the rain, I panicked when the gate to our apartment complex… Read More ›

Writing about Bollywood

Inevitably, when I tell people I enjoy Bollywood, I’m met with stares or “what?” or “oh, with the dancing, right?” The largest film industry in the world is still often treated like a joke, while American films, Japanese films, British films, receive thoughtful critiques and breathless recommendations. However, movie theory largely remains a male dominated… Read More ›

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