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Review: Parched (2016)

October 16, 2017

CW: Rape, sexual assault, physical abuse   Parched is beautiful and brutal. It follows the cycles of time: the time of year (the plot points converge on the Dussehra festival), the time of live (marriage, motherhood, widowhood), and the cycles that keep people trapped in poverty, violence, and tradition. The performances are raw, the characters… Read More ›

Review: Bollywood Hollywood (2002)

While a fun exploration of common Bolly-tropes, Bollywood Hollywood suffers from two things: It focuses on the male character, who is even more boring because of all those tropes It was made a few years too early. Director Deepa Mehta clearly needed a break after directing such serious, heavy movies as Fire and Earth (and… Read More ›

Review: alone (2015)

A dark and stormy night. A tree falls in a rural estate. A woman in a coma rushed to the hospital. And evil spirit (or is it?) wreaks havoc on the living as dark secrets come to light. Alone is run by women: a sister’s spirit, an injured mother, a superstitious maid, a woman trying… Read More ›

Review: Ragini MMS 2 (2014)

As a companion piece to its predecessor, Ragini MMS 2 is fascinating. As a stand-alone movie, it suffers an identity crisis. Following the original film’s found footage premise, this sequel follows a production that is making a fictionalized version of the original, “real” movie. The original is serious and straight-forward, but the sequel mixes comedy,… Read More ›

A Gentleman's movie poster

Review: A Gentleman (2017)

A Gentleman asks its male lead: What do you want? He replies: someone to love, children, a house, a minivan, a family. A Gentleman asks its female lead: What do you want? She replies: A bad boy, to drive fast. A Gentleman reminds me, once again, that I cannot enjoy a movie without qualifying it…. Read More ›

Review: Ragini MMS (2011)

Horror movies are particularly difficult to analyze. They often punish vices like premarital sex, but also often present a young woman who is resourceful and brave. But her reward, that is her life, is because she is pure and avoids those vices. She gets to live because she followed a specific and severe set of… Read More ›

Review: Rang de Basanti (2006)

Quick review: rang de Basanti is a beautiful, moving film about how easy it can be to ignore the past and the importance of revolution. Only watch it if you are in the mood to cry for about three days. Long review: The film reminds us how quickly history is forgotten. Sue (Alice Patten) is… Read More ›

Review: Jab Harry Met Sejal (2017)

A few hours before watching Jab Harry Met Sejal, I happened to watch the 2017 live-action Ghost in the Shell. As that movie ends, a voiceover tells us, “Our memories don’t define us. Our actions do.” This idea was running through my head as I watched Jab Harry. . ., which instead argues that our… Read More ›

Review: Angoor (1982)

I love Shakespeare, and I like movie adaptations of his works, and I enjoy that Angoor doesn’t entirely trust its audience. Most movies are content to include a quick “based on.” Angoor begins with an elaborate introduction, explaining how great Shakespeare is, and explaining the basic premise. Trust the direction and editing to convey the… Read More ›

Saawariya (2007)

I have seen Saawariya just once, in 2008. It was literally the only Bollywood movie available on iTunes to rent. Amazon’s streaming service was in its infancy, and I didn’t have any kind of Netflix account (though I would be able to rent Om Shanti Om a few months later). But I needed some Bollywood…. Read More ›

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