Month: November 2017

Bollywood on Wheels (2016)

The energetic movements of bhangra and other styles that influence Bollywood is a joy to watch, but can be difficult to perform and inaccessible to many people. In recent years, several dance troupes have sprung up that feature dancers of varying abilities, including wheelchairs. I was delighted, then, to find this performance from Ability Unlimited…. Read More ›

Toonpur Ka Super Hero movie poster

Review: Toonpur Ka Super Hero (2011)

Children’s media can be particularly difficult to critique because it’s simple by design. A plot or joke an adult has heard a million times is a new experience to a child. Additionally, not every studio has the money and support of a Pixar or Studio Ghibli. As someone who loves pop culture, I want all… Read More ›

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