Review: Alone (2015)

A dark and stormy night. A tree falls in a rural estate. A woman in a coma rushed to the hospital. And evil spirit (or is it?) wreaks havoc on the living as dark secrets come to light.

Alone is run by women: a sister’s spirit, an injured mother, a superstitious maid, a woman trying to escape her past. Their lives, their roles, are different; characters important to the story in their own way.

And yet? And yet.

The central conflict revolves around a man. Conjoined twin sisters are in love with the same man. One kills the other in order to have him to herself. The restless spirit of the other now haunts the living.

Movies often treat women as interchangeable, and here, one twin assumes the identity of the other, and no one realizes. Now, a movie about the joys and struggles of conjoined sisters, while fascinating, would be quite different, at least in terms of genre. Certainly horror has a tradition of one person assuming the identity of another. That the conflict is about a man/love is logical. It’s just disappointing because that’s all we ever get.

Just wanting a separate identity/life would be enough of a reason to kick off the events of the movie. One sister wants to go to college and the other doesn’t, or one wants to stay in Kerala the other move to Mumbai.

But unrequited love is an easy plot, an understandable plot. And the movie twists and turns in an enjoyable fashion, one secret leading to another. The women do things and are not just victims. Even for a horror movie, that’s the most important message: women are not just objects to be acted upon.

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