Month: October 2017

Fanfic Friday: Deepika Padukone as a sexy vampire

The Office, “Dilwali” (2006)

The American version of The Office is one of my favorite TV shows, and I’ve watched it from beginning to end at least a dozen times. A big appeal is that unlike many American sitcoms, it has a fairly diverse cast. Certain parts of the show have aged poorly (Steve Carell’s Michael Scott uses both… Read More ›

A stunning project on Google is highlighting some of the uncommon ways Indians drape their saris

There are 100 different ways to wear a sari but for the most part, urban Indians tend to stick to one common style: the Nivi drape, originally from Andhra Pradesh, which features a pallu draped over the left shoulder and several pleats at the front. Over the past few months, though, Bengaluru-based creative agency Border & Fall has been… Read More ›

Review: Parched (2016)

CW: Rape, sexual assault, physical abuse   Parched is beautiful and brutal. It follows the cycles of time: the time of year (the plot points converge on the Dussehra festival), the time of live (marriage, motherhood, widowhood), and the cycles that keep people trapped in poverty, violence, and tradition. The performances are raw, the characters… Read More ›

Fanfic Friday: Spoooooooky Paheli

“India’s Supreme Court Rules That Sex With An Underage Wife Is Rape”

According to The Guardian, it now qualifies as rape if men have sex with their wife if she’s under the age of 18, therefore making it a criminal act. Before the ruling, an exception in the law allowed sexual contact between a men and their underage wives as young as 15. . . . . An additional… Read More ›

“Tu Mungla Mungla Main Good Ki Dali” (Inkaar, 1978)

“Tu Mungla” is my ideal item number. The classic tropes: a lone woman in a bar full of men, dancing in a skimpy outfit to a catchy tune, and trying to entice the movie’s hero; and the lone woman is Helen. The next level: She carries a sickle through most of the song, threatens men… Read More ›

Review: Bollywood Hollywood (2002)

While a fun exploration of common Bolly-tropes, Bollywood Hollywood suffers from two things: It focuses on the male character, who is even more boring because of all those tropes It was made a few years too early. Director Deepa Mehta clearly needed a break after directing such serious, heavy movies as Fire and Earth (and… Read More ›

Fanfic Friday: Kangana Ranaut as a beautiful witch

“Chamma Chamma” (China Gate, 1998)

I love Baz Luhrmann movies, and I was 18 when Moulin Rouge! came out, so it hit me perfectly square between the eyes. The final set-piece is set to “Chamma Chamma.” I was pretty disappointed the first time I heard the real version. I’m still kind of disappointed in it. The song moves slowly, with… Read More ›

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