Month: October 2017

Paheli as Horror Movie

Review: I, Me, aur Main (2013)

A Bollywood movie about a man that is actually about women? Ostensibly, I, Me, aur Main follows Ishaan’s (John Abraham) maturity and acceptance of his responsibilities. Ishaan is the typical modern romantic hero: handsome, charming, cool media job (music producer), spoiled, selfish. The women around him are active, vibrant, and sick of his shit. The… Read More ›

Fanfic Friday: Bipashu Basu as a tempting demon

“We still have taboos on the words sex and condoms: Bipasha Basu on endorsing a contraceptive brand”

Let’s talk more, read more, and learn more about simple precautions. With condoms, you can have planned pregnancies and protected sex, which can curb HIV and STD cases. “We still have taboos on the words sex and condoms: Bipasha Basu on endorsing a contraceptive brand,” DNA,


I do not know whether writing ghost stories is a mistake. Most readers will like a ghost story in which towards the end it is found that the ghost was really a cat or a dog or a mischievous boy. Such ghost stories are a source of pleasure, and are read as a pastime and… Read More ›

Deepika Padukone as a vampire

Fanfic Friday: Deepika Padukone as a sexy vampire

Swati Chokalingam and Avu Chokalingam in The Office episode "Diwali"

The Office, “Dilwali” (2006)

The American version of The Office is one of my favorite TV shows, and I’ve watched it from beginning to end at least a dozen times. A big appeal is that unlike many American sitcoms, it has a fairly diverse cast. Certain parts of the show have aged poorly (Steve Carell’s Michael Scott uses both… Read More ›

A stunning project on Google is highlighting some of the uncommon ways Indians drape their saris

There are 100 different ways to wear a sari but for the most part, urban Indians tend to stick to one common style: the Nivi drape, originally from Andhra Pradesh, which features a pallu draped over the left shoulder and several pleats at the front. Over the past few months, though, Bengaluru-based creative agency Border & Fall has been… Read More ›

Parched movie poster

Review: Parched (2016)

CW: Rape, sexual assault, physical abuse   Parched is beautiful and brutal. It follows the cycles of time: the time of year (the plot points converge on the Dussehra festival), the time of live (marriage, motherhood, widowhood), and the cycles that keep people trapped in poverty, violence, and tradition. The performances are raw, the characters… Read More ›

Fanfic Friday: Spoooooooky Paheli

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