Fanfic Friday: Ram-Leela

Leela and Ram faced each other on the balcony, guns in hand. Her life had been so short and now it was to end. She had love, she had power, now she would have nothing. Maybe another life, another cycle.

The time passed slowly as they stared at one another. Her family name had been her destiny. She had fought to make love her destiny, to marry Ram, to forge her own path. And yet even as she tried to meet him as an equal, still he was ultimately in charge. He had run out on their wedding night. He had bewitched her in the first place.

Who was Leela without Ram?

She drew a breath. She drew a gun. She wanted to find out.

She would find out.

Who was Leela?

She cocked the gun.

Who was she?

She fired.

Ram was surprised.

Ram fell.

Ram was gone.

Leela remained.

Who was Leela?

A murderer. A widow. A woman. Alive. What else? Time to find out.

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